Hearing aids for first time users


Connect to the world

Hearing voices allows us to interact and be part of the conversation

Regain confidence

Feel comfortable and hear everything in social gatherings and noisy situations

Get it the first time

No more misunderstandings and tedious repetition in conversations or on the phone

Rediscover sounds

Enjoy music, children's laughter and birds chirping again

Everywhere you go

Your hearing aids know where you are and automatically adjust accordingly

Phonak Soundscapes

A perfect fit

Designed to suit you

Your hearing care professional will recommend a model of hearing aid that best suits your needs and hearing loss, but you always have a choice when it comes to deciding which style is right for you. All Phonak hearing aid models are available in a variety of colors.

BTE (behind-the-ear): Sits comfortably behind the ear. The receiver is built into the hearing aid, making them more robust as the receiver is not as exposed. Bolero™ Marvel

RIC (receiver-in-the-canal): Sits comfortably behind the ear and are highly discreet because the receiver sits in the ear and is not built into the hearing aid, enabling it to be built even smaller. Audéo™ Marvel

Custom product: Individually crafted to your own ear canal to fit perfectly and comfortably in your ears, providing absolute discretion. Virto™ B

Extended wear: It is completely invisible, it's worn around the clock for months at a time.  Lyric™