Makes sure that it’s not just noise around you’re hearing like noisy electronic devices and your air conditioner. Your AudioEar might be faulty if it’s not any of these situation.

Make sure that there are no ear wax or other debris in the dome. If it’s still not loud enough contact us to fix it while it’s in warranty

We advice you to get a new battery. Press the memory button after you’ve installed a new battery to know if there’s any real difference. Make sure the dome is clear and has no ear wax or other debris obstructing it that is if it’s still not working.

You can start using your AudioEar Devices immediately you open your package because we have pre-programed them in such a way that they fit the most common hearing environment and hearing loss. There’s no need for an audiologist to do any fitting on the our devices. We’ve made sure it has everything it needs to fit anybody.

Loss of hearing that are related to the nerves are what causes ringing in the ears or tinnitus. The ringing in your ears can not be cured or lessened with our AudioEar Devices .

Call us now if you tried cleaning your AudioEar Device, and you believe it needs to be fixed, we’ll assign a Repair Order Number (RON) to you. When your device gets to us, we’ll make sure we check it in order to be sure that what your AudioEar Device needs is actually a repair and not cleaning, after which it shall be sent to you.

There’s a one-year limited warranty on all audio ear products, and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. There’s a 12month guarantee period for faulty workmanship and defects. AudioEar devices that suffered physical damage or most have been tempered with, are not covered by this guarantee. Our system automatically registers your AudioEar devices for the one year warranty as you’re buying it, so there’s no need for you to register it yourself. A 7 digit number located on your AudioEar will be your device serial number.

All AudioEar products are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. Return any purchase you are not satisfied with within the 30-day trial period for any reason because all we want is your satisfaction.

Once we’ve gotten your device, it would take five business days to process your refund. Take note that additional days might be required by your banking institution to process and post a credit card transaction to your account immediately they receive the information from us.

Discover, Visa and MasterCard

How to clean the tubing of AudioEar Device with a cleaning wire and how you remove the tubing for cleaning is shown by the images below. Clean the debris with the cleaning brush. Don’t ever use fluids, water, oil or solvents in cleaning your device.

Under normal usage once activated, AudioEar #312 batteries will typically last for 6-8 days. Batteries will continue to drain even if they are not in the device or the device is turned off, once they are activated.

1. Use one hand to hold your device

2. Use your thumb to feel the latch on the bottom of your device with your other hand.

3. To open the battery door, pull on the latch.

4. Make sure that your device is in the case

Yes! You can, while you are talking on the phone, AudioEar device will not interfere. Use the hands-free function or place the speaker towards the device in order to avoid whistling.

312 batteries that can be found at many local stores as well as online retailers are used by AudioEar models.

Depending on the usage, a lot of users experience five to seven days’ worth of battery life.

Most people wear both eyeglasses and AudioEar device effectively. Put your glasses on first if you want to get a good result. Put the device in-between your outer ear and your glasses.

Depending on the individuals, ears are of different sizes and shapes. Our product will fit almost all ears but if yours doesn’t, simply contact us for alternative options.

Health Insurance does not cover AudioEar.

We do not deliver to PO Box since customers are required to sign a receipt on receiving the order.