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Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • People seem to mumble.
  • You often ask people to repeat them selves.
  • You have trouble following a conversation when peopleare talking at the same
  • You have trouble hearing in noisy environments.
  • You say “What?” a lot

If you think yes to any of these scenarios, take advantage of Audio Ear subscription program!

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“Audio Ear Introduces First Hearing Amp Subscription Program Featuring Option to cancel any time”

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Hearing Amp Subscription

Audio Ear Hearing amp subscription, is the first in the country to provide affordable monthly payment, guaranteed approval, with option to cancel any time.

Your choice to select the monthly payments which fit into your budget. You even have the options to change between monthly payment at any time if you would like to do so.

Monthly payments plan are fixed, it will not change over time. There are several monthly payment plan options you can choose from If you are unhappy with your hearing amp, you can cancel your subscription plan and return it at any time.


  • No application fees
  • No down payments
  • No Hidden fee
  • Low Monthly Payment
  • Cancel any time
  • Always in Warranty
  • Free hearing aid servicing
  • No additional cost

Made in Italy

Choose Your Plan

Select the Monthly payment plan.

Pay online

Make monthly payments and enjoy the sounds of life.

Free Shipping

Audio Ear deliver your hearing amp right to your door.

“Hearing Amp Subscription at affordable monthly payments with quality hearing amp technology”

Choose your plan with option to cancel subscription anytime

Choose your plan with option to cancel subscription anytime  


No prescription required

Automatic Program Modes

Italian Made

100% Money back guarantee